Our children are the future. If we are lucky enough to become parents, there is no greater task in life than raising children! To take on this incredible task is an act of bravery, patience, humility and above all, love.

Love is what keeps us going on this selfless journey. Love is what we give unconditionally. Through this unconditional love, young children find their connection to us, their sense of self, their empathy for other human beings and their wonder for the world around them.

We may have an idea of the perfect parenting style, or we may have no inkling of how to begin the parenting journey. No matter who we are or who we wish to become as parents, most of us agree on what we wish for our children. We want them to grow up to become independent, self confident, creative and well-respected individuals who are successful in what they do. And above all, we always want them to be happy! It is a tall order and we know that even when we do our very best, there will be many bumps along the way. What we don’t often know is what it takes to get there and how greatly they depend on us especially as we gaze into our newborn’s sweet face and think of all that we want for our child.

How do we take one day at a time and still strive towards this ideal future? How do we bring harmony into the dailiness of our lives so that our children feel safe and at peace even during the difficult transitions? How do we slow everything down so that we don’t feel rushed all the time and  watch our best versions of ourselves fly out the window? How do we stay inspired and listen to our own instincts in a world so adept at giving advice.

Young children are  sweet and open  and at the same time so full of boundless energy and wonder. For young children to grow into  the self assured beings we wish to see, we must meet them where they are now, while gently leading them in a way that is developmentally appropriate.

  • Young children thrive and find safety in loving boundaries and simple, daily rhythms.
  • Their play is imaginative and  inspired by their environment.
  • They learn through unhurried observation and they imitate everyone and everything around them.
  • They love meaningful work and using their bodies and are happiest when doing a task alongside us.

When we find creative ways to honor the innate qualities of the young child, we will discover the harmonious child.  Parenting will become easier,  more joyful and more inspiring than we ever thought possible. Are you ready?

  • Imagine your child listening to you and effortlessly following your lead.
  • Imagine a day with joyful mealtimes and peaceful bedtimes and plenty of laughter and time for snuggles.
  • Imagine your child happily immersed in creative, self directed play without the need for entertainment. 
  • Imagine the sense of accomplishment and connection when you work together to finish a task.