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Here is what parents are saying about Somer:

“Somer Serpe is a guiding light for our family.  Her wisdom and patience have nurtured and held each of my children over the last six years.  Her gentle yet powerful work within our family has been nothing short of transformative.  Somer helped us define our family culture, reclaim our children and move forward together in a rhythm that prioritizes connection and relationship.  Each of us has the capacity to begin anew and reclaim the heart and culture of our family; each of us has the capacity (and right!) to parent with love and joy.  Somer, with tremendous grace, helps families do just that.  I am eternally grateful for Somer’s profound and lasting impact on my journey as a mother.”

-Holly Henderson-Fisher, mother of three

“We were so blessed to have Somer Serpe as the Early Childhood teacher for both of our boys. She truly had an innate understanding of the children and enveloped them with her warmth and care. As new parents she gave us the tools, reassurance and confidence that we needed to successfully lead our boys through their early school days and helped us set a firm foundation for their future.”

-Kendra and Rich Lassor

“To say I’m eternally grateful for Somer Serpe would be an understatement. She has shown me how to trust my innate wisdom as a mother, slow down and truly enjoy my children, and revel in the natural rhythms of the seasons.

Take any chance you get to learn from this sage guide and reclaim the magic of parenthood before it passes you by.”

– Jenny Fenig, mother of 3

“I feel blessed that two of my children spent part of their early childhood years with Somer Serpe. Somer is kind, compassionate, nurturing and deeply caring. Her insight and wisdom were invaluable to my wife and I as parents. 

She has truly been a treasure for our entire family.”
Steven Fenig, Father of 3 
“Somer Serpe is not only a gift to the children she teaches but to parents as well, oftentimes even more so as we are the lifetime guides and caregivers of our children. Somer’s gentle approach to guiding both child and parent must not be underestimated, for there is great depth and intent to her subtleness that all parents could benefit from emulating. My children grew through four years with Somer Serpe as their teacher, however as a parent, I may have grown as much as they did over that duration. Having entered rather unsure, worried, and overly questioning everything, I left our years together confident, calm, and prepared as a parent to guide my children into their elementary school years. Somer helps parents to focus on what is important and shows us how to communicate with our children in the way they are most responsive to, which in turn indirectly teaches our children how best to communicate with one another and with other people. She ‘teaches’ us by example in this way; her voice, the tone and speed of her words, her mannerisms, her actions, her eye contact, her compassion, her availability, her awareness of how she is being perceived by the children at all times. She reminds us of our children’s true needs based on age and how critical and precious these early years are towards their development as strong, curious, aware, empathetic, capable people. She easily identifies the root of any behavioral patterns, whether they be innocent and fleeting or worth our energy and awareness. Somer guides through her experiences working with a diverse group of families of many backgrounds, whether it be by selecting applicable readings or tools, or providing inspiration or feedback based on careful observation.
In summary, if you feel your purpose as a parent is to connect with your children in a profound way that allows you to confidently guide them towards a meaningful, happy life, to learn when to stay close and when and how to allow them the space they need to grow, and to truly enjoy and embrace this time in all of your lives, then Somer Serpe is no doubt part of your path. For me, she was the guide I didn’t know I so greatly needed. It’s no small thing for me to say, Somer could change your entire way of thinking of parenthood.”
-Stacy Allegrone